The smallest backpack is suitable for preschool children. The shape refers to the Mexican animist mask Monkey (Spanish mono), more precisely the Scream, occurring in the rainforests of Central and South America.


Price from 95 EUR.

The best-selling type, universal dimensions of the backpack are suitable for women, men and school-age children. Inspired by the traditional carnival mask from the southeastern region of Mexico.

The name Mayab can be loosely translated as the "magical land of the Maya".


Price from 110 EUR.


Backpack designed exclusively for women. The elongated shape perfectly supports your figure and natural feminine curves.

Sub-Saharan inspiration

cultural area of Yoruba. The name in Yoruba means Mother, understand the primordial Woman.

Price from 150 EUR.

The largest backpack on offer, plus a padded second pocket suitable for a laptop (up to 15 "in size). Inspired by an African mask from the most numerous cultural ethnic group of sub-Saharan Yoruba, from today's Mali. (Jagunjagun in Yoruba means warrior).


Price from 150 EUR.


MYWINGS is a label of original backpack design. Collection is inspired by ancient masks created by the pre-hispanic mexican Maya culture and Yoruba sub-saharan region of Africa. Backpacks are available in a variety of colors and surface combinations - basic smooth matte black or glossy white, along with other colour and surface options such as luxurious gold, moonshine silver or noble suede. All parts of backpacks are quality made in Czech Republic.



where & how to buy backpacks...

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Upon agreement I send cash on delivery (free shipping to EU countries; postage fee to other countries is charged according to destination).

In Prague it is possible to arrange a personal handover.

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